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Well Organized Closet

Closet Make-over 

(In-person only)

This is usually the essential first step on the journey to an easier, more authentic, and fun style. Together we create space and room for creativity. We’ll only hold on to the pieces that you love, fit you perfectly and work for your current lifestyle. Not only will we decide which pieces can be tossed, donated, or sold but we’ll also discover which must-haves are missing, need mending, or a visit with the dry cleaner. Chatting about mental roadblocks and how to overcome them is another part of this closet cleansing process. A fresh system will make getting dressed in the morning easier and save you time, money, and energy in the future. 


You will receive:

  • A clean closet with a new more efficient system and room for missing wardrobe essentials

  • Stylepsych assessment cheat sheet and personalized style tips for future success

  • 4 to 12 hours of my time (depending on the size of your closet and customizable to your individual needs)

Personal Styling

(In-Person or remote options)

Together we will define your mindful signature style for everyday life that empowers and emboldens you to shine like the rockstar that you are and deserve to be. This includes determining your body shape, beloved colors, and patterns as well as taking a closer look at how your lifestyle, mood, desires, and even your past influence the way you dress. I’ll teach you style principles you can use for years to come and we’ll address common style hurdles and how to avoid them. 

You will receive: 

  • detailed style assessment & profile

  • personal styling (customized hours)

  • personal shopping (customized hours)


The Mindful Style Workshop

      (currently on pause due to the global pandemic)

You will learn a unique combination of timeless style principles that address proportion, color, how to create a balanced look, choose the right accessories, plus basic closet organizing tools as well as psychological style components, like your past, emotions, preferences, current lifestyle, and body image.

It is for every woman who wants to learn more about herself and her personal style needs than your usual “what not to wear” makeover lesson and for Companies who want to take their dress code policies one step further by boosting their employee’s confidence and creativity. Suited also for self-care and self-growth classes/gym workshops/moms night out/birthday party/bachelorette party.

You will receive:

  • 2-4 hour session with interactive exercises (whole day workshop possible if needed)

  • Take-home materials (timeless style principles worksheet, closet helpsheet)

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