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We are in this together...

Have you ever found yourself frantically searching for something in your closet to wear for an event? Or changing multiple times before you leave? Do you hold on to beloved pieces that are ill-fitting, dreaming of the day when you lose those pesky pounds? Does the clothing that once brought you joy now cast a shadow over you?


I am Annika Retsch and I’ll be your guide on a journey to a revived, reenergized style that reflects who you are, how you’re feeling, and generates the confidence to go boldly forward. Through workshops, closet make-overs, or personal styling, I’ll save you from your clothing rut. I see you, I feel your frustration, and understand the body issues you may be struggling with.


As a woman, wife, mother of two, reformed serial dieter, and psychology professional, I’ll work with you to unlock a mindful style toolbox. And find your signature style. I use basic psychology principles to help you tap into your feelings and express them through clothing that brings you joy and confidence, fits correctly, and looks fantastic.


Favorite people: my son, daughter & hubby

Favorite celebrity: Audrey Hepburn, Freddie Mercury

Previous occupation: Clinical Psychologist

Favorite places: Italy, Germany & the US

Favorite things to do: Reading, Eating Hazelnut Icecream, Traveling the World

Perfect afternoon: Going for a walk, dinner & gamenight with friends and family

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