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Hello lovely,

I'm so glad you're here!

Together we'll discover which styles make you feel beautiful, practicing mindfulness, warmth, and curiosity!

I'm Annika

The Fashion Psychologist

Our clothes tell a story! Let's figure out together how to love what they are saying!


Your Therapeutic Tools...


Mindful Style


Discover how timeless styling principles can be easily applied to your daily routine.




Together, we will build a style profile and shopping approach that works for your personal styling goals.    




I will work alongside you to help you make those tough decisions.  At the end of our session, you'll be empowered to easily tackle the "keep" or "donate" dilemma!

What people say...

Tiffany, Personal Stylist

Working with Annika helped me understand a lot of the underlying feelings attached to my things and that it was ok to let go!

Jill, Artist

Annika has a way of bringing style to your wardrobe that actually works for you, not something that does not fit into your personal lifestyle.

Jackie, Life Coach

Annika is one of a kind! Her knowledge of psychology and fashion is impressive. What I love most about her is that she doesn't judge you for what you have or don't have in your closet. She gives real advice that fits your personality!

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