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My full website is in the final stages of development and will be launched soon!  I'm so excited to share my personal journey with you and help you take control of your personal styling challenges.


In the meantime, here is some information about who I am and how I can help you, so together we can

I'm Annika

The Fashion Psychologist

The way your story unfolds every day is influenced by how you see yourself and by how you are seen from the outside world.

Your own personal style is strongly connected to how you feel on a deeply behavioral and emotional level. Clothing and accessories offer powerful nonverbal communication tools, while being incredibly intimate at the same time, since both are in close contact to our skin all day long.

The Style-Soul-Relationship can be wonderfully balanced, with one element lifting the other. Oftentimes I meet women, who feel they have lost their sense of style, resulting in lower self-esteem, anxiety or negative body imaging. Consequently, women miss out on opportunities, such as commanding the room with authenticity and grace at a networking event or being bold enough to ask for that raise they deserve.  Other effects may be continuously overspending on the wrong clothing and overlooking what you already own. 


Together we will work to reclaim your confidence in style, create fashion options that compliment your personality and bring excitement and fun back into your closet.  

Your Therapeutic Tools...




Discover how timeless styling principles can be easily applied to your daily routine.



Together, we will build a style profile and shopping approach that works for your personal styling goals.    



I will work along side you to help you make those tough decisions.  At the end of our session you'll be empowered to easily tackle the "keep" or "donate" dilemma!

Thrift Tour Therapy

Learn how to approach consignment and thrift store shopping with just a few simple techniques.  

Accessory & Color Analysis

We will work together to identify, how your current  accessories can best be used to fulfill your style goals.  I will also provide you with detailed guidance to ensure your styling is remarkable!

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